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About the Shoe Chair

Shoe Chair

Shoe Chairs are a fun and decorative addition to anyone’s dwelling. Designers have recently developed chairs that depict many different items. Just like beds that now come in a variety of different styles and shapes such as cars, airplanes, and animals. Chairs now come in many assorted shapes, styles and colors; among one of the wildest and functional of these designs is the shoe chair.


Shoe chairs can be bought in the shape of a sneaker, a chair and or a high heeled stiletto all of which are surprisingly comfortable. The most popular of these designs is the high-heeled shoe chair. These chairs are made of many different types of construction fitted with equally as different types of fabric.  They can be short, tall or elongated like a sofa. There are even companies where you can design your very own type of chair, you decide the type and style of shoe, built out of any type of construction.


Shoe Chair

Shoe Chair



Some of the different types of the shoe chair construction and coverings are: leather, rattan, vinyl, PVC, cotton, suede, wood, polyester, micro-fiber, steel and fiberglass. These types of chairs can be found as novelty items in furniture stores, however, you will not find a varied selection. One’s best bet for the greatest amount of selection, style, and color, will be found online with the search made for shoe chairs. Check to see if there are customer reviews for the chair you wish to purchase. Keep in mind the website you are going to purchase your chair from may not offer reviews. Make a note of the type, style, and even model number (if there is one), and put that information into your search engine and type reviews.


According to various sources, for a well-made shoe chair, one can expect to pay approximately $150. These chairs can go for as much as five hundred dollars or more depending on the style and type of fabric. Most all of these chairs are manufactured by hand factories located in China and shipped in bulk to distributors throughout the world.

Another cost to keep in mind is the price that will cost to get the new chair into your house. This will not be cheap as these items are large, heavy, and bulky. It would be extremely wise to compare shipping costs before purchasing your new chair.


Where to Buy:

Different retailers may have the same item you wish to purchase, so choose one that is closer to your location, and you will reduce the shipping charges. Also, remember to check and see when purchasing a manufacturer that offers a guarantee of satisfaction or a product warrantee. Take your time and do your homework prior to making a purchase, this is an investment that cannot be easily overlooked.

Some of the most popular site for the shoe chair are:




How to Build Your Own Heel Shoe Chair

Some shoe chair manufacturers give customers an option to design or build their own chair. There are various options available to the creative designer and each manufacturer is a little different. This is where it is beneficial to search the Internet to find and compare the companies offering this shoe chair option. It is also wise to take notes. There are several sites that give the customer three places on the shoe chair where they can add a fabric and color choice. The three parts of this chair are: the insole, the shoe, and color of the trim.  Others offer only two choices, usually the insole and front part of the heel, and the shoe itself. Another option available is a color choice for the place on the chair where you put your back /head against and a small area for your bottom, as well as a color choice for the rest of the chair. (This option gives the illusion of a shoe with the inside being a different color).

Some manufacturers have 10 to 20 different color options and fabric styles for one to choose from. One manufacture offers over 60 choices, some of which have a $10-$40 dolar increase per chair due to the fabric options of leatherette and micro fiber. One has to remember that all shoe chairs are not created equally. Chairs are constructed out of different material some metal some wood, and have different types of padding. Some manufacturers use cushions and springs where others use foam. Search before you buy is the best motto to have when designing your own shoe chair.  There are some chairs whose padding, the cushioning part, a guaranteed for life. Whereas others may have a warranty of 30 days. Prices can vary any anywhere from $225 dollars to $385 dollars.

As mentioned before throughout the blog pay close attention to shipping charges. There are manufacturers who offer free shipping anywhere inside the US Continental states. Many however, in order to get a shipping rate, one first as the has to put in a zip code in order to get a price. Also, because you have designed your own chair manufacturers will very seldom, if at all, take your chair back. So it is very important to look at the manufacturers policies and procedures regarding returns. In this case, one would be looking more at construction and quality in the manner your chair was made. If your chair has a problem with one of these matters it’s best to contact the manufacturer right away by phone, having all your pertinent data at hand, such as the order number, and model number of the chair. Pay very close attention to the amount of time you have the to send the chair back to the manufacturer.  This is where a lot of people make a grave mistake.

They put off looking at the chair to see if there’s anything wrong with it, and or they take too much time  sending their chair back to where they bought it, thus voiding the warranty. Then they are stuck with a custom chair that they designed but was built wrong by the manufacturer. Some of the areas to make note of when searching for the best manufacturer are: cost, design of chair, available sections of the shoe chair to make the fabric or color change, size of chair, shipping cost, chair cushion warranty, color and design options, & guarantee. Some of the sites that we checked out that offer the customer the option to design their own shoe chair were: sexy furnishings, funky sofa, RMR furniture, mod outdoor furniture, and high heel shoe chair.

Some sites may be the same manufacturer because the website design looks exactly the same. One needs to pay close attention as various options may be different such as shipping charges, warranty, etc. That is why we highly recommend if one is serious about designing a personalized chair to make a chart and take notes about the available options prior to  purchase. Designing one’s own chair can be a fun experience we hope this information helps!

Sneaker Shoe Chair

Sneaker Shoe Chair

With the advent and extreme interest in High Heeled Chairs, individuals have been turning their interest in chairs for their children. What more could one ask, in the epitome of modern furniture architecture, than for a specially designed chair for a little one. This seems to be the time where if one can think of a design, no matter how crazy it is or how weird anyone thinks it may look; it can be manufactured. Manufacturers now make couches, benches and chairs out of all kinds of material, fabric and styles; why not design a shoe chair that looks like a sneaker.

A few decades back one would be laughed at, a few years back one would be viewed as crazy, but now with the creation of various designs of shoe chairs, a sneaker chair does not seem out of the ordinary. In fact it would seem to fit right in with any child’s regular bedroom furnishings. Where else would one put this style of chair, well, anywhere. It does not have to blend in with the regular furnishings; it could stand out making its own eclectic statement.

What kind of pricing would one think to pay for a sneaker shoe chair, well the going price range is from anywhere between $175 to $300 dollars, depending on the construction and fabric choice of the chair. And this price does not include shipping! One could get allot better price if the product is ordered in bulk, such as hundreds, from a source such as Allibaba. But one would either have to fill a multitude of furniture stores, or be willing to sell allot of extras to friend and neighbors, and or start your own sneaker chair online retail site.

Sneaker Chair


The average size for these chairs is approximately 14 inches wide, by 3 inches deep, by 29 inches in height. Another size is 18 inches wide, by 35 inches deep, by 31 inches high. And I’m sure one can create any shape and or size they want, for the right kind of resources.

Sneaker Chairs come in many different styles; however the most popular designs are fabric, which has either a foam base or a spring and cushion pad. The other choice is air, which basically is an inflatable device made of vinyl, and or fabric of your choice.

And as with the other chairs, such as ‘High Heeled Shoe Chairs‘ and ‘Shoe Chairs‘; the best way to find ‘Sneaker Shoe Chairs’, specifically the best array of choices can be found with online retailers. The greatest way to accomplish this is to compare all of the chair’s features, on the various products, by using different  search engine titles and taking notes. Notes should be taken on such items as: style, cost, size, color options, fabric, warranty, guarantee, shipping costs, ship to locations, construction and return policy. Remember, this chair is much more than a artsy item; it should not only be a aesthetic addition to your abode, but also a functional device that will provide one with years of comfortable service.