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About the Shoe Chair

Shoe Chair

Shoe Chairs are a fun and decorative addition to anyone’s dwelling. Designers have recently developed chairs that depict many different items. Just like beds that now come in a variety of different styles and shapes such as cars, airplanes, and animals. Chairs now come in many assorted shapes, styles and colors; among one of the wildest and functional of these designs is the shoe chair.


Shoe chairs can be bought in the shape of a sneaker, a chair and or a high heeled stiletto all of which are surprisingly comfortable. The most popular of these designs is the high-heeled shoe chair. These chairs are made of many different types of construction fitted with equally as different types of fabric.  They can be short, tall or elongated like a sofa. There are even companies where you can design your very own type of chair, you decide the type and style of shoe, built out of any type of construction.


Shoe Chair

Shoe Chair



Some of the different types of the shoe chair construction and coverings are: leather, rattan, vinyl, PVC, cotton, suede, wood, polyester, micro-fiber, steel and fiberglass. These types of chairs can be found as novelty items in furniture stores, however, you will not find a varied selection. One’s best bet for the greatest amount of selection, style, and color, will be found online with the search made for shoe chairs. Check to see if there are customer reviews for the chair you wish to purchase. Keep in mind the website you are going to purchase your chair from may not offer reviews. Make a note of the type, style, and even model number (if there is one), and put that information into your search engine and type reviews.


According to various sources, for a well-made shoe chair, one can expect to pay approximately $150. These chairs can go for as much as five hundred dollars or more depending on the style and type of fabric. Most all of these chairs are manufactured by hand factories located in China and shipped in bulk to distributors throughout the world.

Another cost to keep in mind is the price that will cost to get the new chair into your house. This will not be cheap as these items are large, heavy, and bulky. It would be extremely wise to compare shipping costs before purchasing your new chair.


Where to Buy:

Different retailers may have the same item you wish to purchase, so choose one that is closer to your location, and you will reduce the shipping charges. Also, remember to check and see when purchasing a manufacturer that offers a guarantee of satisfaction or a product warrantee. Take your time and do your homework prior to making a purchase, this is an investment that cannot be easily overlooked.

Some of the most popular site for the shoe chair are:




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  1. Shoeless Joanne Jackson says:

    I love shoe chairs – Now we just need the opposite: Couch Shoes! That sounds comfortable.

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