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High Heel Shoe Chair

High Heel Shoe Chairs

Of all the available shoe chairs on the market, the high heel shoe chair is by far the most popular! Although one can find  high heeled shoe chairs at Furniture Stores, it is best to call before going to check it out in person. Because most stores do not regularly stock this type of novelty item. They may have one available to look at to get a general idea “up close and personal”, but the one they had in the showroom could have been sold yesterday.

The very best way to receive the most options in terms of style, colors, fabric, construction, warranties, shipping costs, and sizes would be to go to the internet. On line retailers will give you allot more to look at in terms of choices. There, one will find several style options, but many colors, and coverings.

Lookout for companies that have two different web-sites. We have found at least one retailer who has two distinctly different sites but use the same distributor, they offer different pricing and shipping at each site.


High Heel Shoe Chair

High Heel Shoe Chair


To purchase a high heel shoe chair be prepared to spend at least $150, for an adult sized chair, with costs going all the way up to $365. The average cost online for a high heel shoe chair on sale is about $195. One manufacturer offers to match the price of competitors.

Another thing to pay extreme attention to is shipping costs. One retailer offers free shipping to anywhere in the Continental United States, where another retailer has a cost of $195 (that’s the cost of another chair ). There are even retailers who do not tell you anything about shipping until after you purchase the item; after which one may find they do not ship to your location. Another retailer offers delivery options to upstairs apartments. We highly recommend the free shipping to the 48 states.

When looking for a chair make sure to check the size. From the various manufacturers we have found three distinctly different dimensions. There are child versions, and there are two different sizes available for adults. Be careful not to purchase the smaller unit. One cannot go by the picture offered because a chair can be made to look bigger by placing smaller items around it. One chair comes with removable leg and one offers a storage compartment.

Color is an important part of specializing one’s chair. Many different color and pattern options are available. Zebra and leopard prints are the popular patterns, but there are also Dalmatian, and polka dots too. Hot pink is the most popular color.  One merchant offers pictures to choose the chair, where others offer a  selection of color options on various sections of the chair such as: insole color, shoe color, and trim color. While deciding color one might also think about fabric type as  many options are available, such as leather, suede, easy clean, micro-fiber, etc. Again, not all retailers offer what one may want, some merchants offer a larger selection of colors and fabric than others.

Lifetime warranty on the construction of the springs and inner cushions is offered by one merchant. One even has a satisfaction guarantee of 14 days after the chair has been received. Some retailers offer tracking numbers, and others do not. Some online merchants are very upfront with warranties, guarantees, shipping costs, item cancellation, etc. The best thing to do here is to check the merchants policies. Some will have an online pull down menu, and or offer an email address for further questions. If this is not available or suitable one can give them a call, most all online merchants that sell these chairs have an  800-number.

High heel shoe chairs are one of the fastest growing novelty items around. They are fun yet functional. Manufacturers are even making ottomans to match. When one decides to purchase  the best policy to have, prior to purchasing, a new high heeled shoe chair is, ‘buyer beware’, and check out all online sites that are available. Make sure to take notes and compare price, size, style, fabric, color options, warranty, guarantees, and shipping costs. This way one can make sure to get very best deal and be happy about the purchase for years to come.

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